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1 GYM Bridlington

1 GYM Bridlington

Address: Unit 4b, Bessingby Way, Bridlington YO16 4SJ
Phone:01262 674121
1 GYM Bridlington is located on Bessingby Industrial Estate its new, fresh and uniquely designed to help you get the best out of yourself to reach your fitness goals. It has got en suite environment for physical fitness and gym. They have gym teacher to teach about ways of doing gym.

Their large spacious gym features the best gym equipment any Bridlington gym has to offer and a fantastic selection of fitness classes free with membership.
They teach you step wise method of doing gym and how to gain power. You can easily build your muscles or loose your fats and be healthy.
For 15 years it is providing quality and affordable training of gym to people.
Its wide range of cardiovascular machines, free weights and resistance equipment caters for everyone from the dedicated weight trainer to the casual fitness enthusiast. From enthusiastic youngsters to those getting on in years simply looking to improve mobility and health, everyone is welcome.

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